Sensor Modules miteSEMO

Sensor Modules miteSEMO

 Sensor Module miteSEMO Sensor Modules miteSEMO
are wireless sensor measurement modules controlled by conventional communication equipment such as mobile phones, tablets and others in which various senser  may be, for example temperature, humidity, pressure, light intensity, magnetic field, movement (PIR), shock, tilt, acceleration and other types. In the application deployment can either store the scanned data and preprocessed, then wirelessly transfer into communication device or evaluate the event and pass the information to the Internet on a specified server.

Sensor modules miteSEMO – types of sensors:

light intensity 1 – 65 535 lx  (0.01 – 83 865 lx)
temperature -40 °C – +125 °C  (±0,2 °C)
atmospheric pressure (altimeter) 30 – 110 kPa  (-698 – +9 164 m )
humidity 0 – 100 % RH (±2 % RH)
magnetic field 0,7 mT activation
impact (shock) ±8 g detection range
tilt switch -10 ° – +10 °
movement (PIR) detection distance 5 m



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