Organization of Modules and Equipments

Organization of Modules and Equipments

The organization of sensor modules depends on the number of modules, on distance and on the importance of data and other attributes:

1. The sensor module collects data and transmits them after it is asked.
Sensor module (server position) must be called with a request to release data to communication device (client).

2. Sensor module evaluates data and on the basis of the settings forward the message.
Sensor module (client position) ask communication device (server) for relationship.

3. Sensor modules may be several and are identical. In this case, each module works as at point 1 or 2. Accordingly, the communication device gradually reaches sensor modules or vice versa is accidentally contacted by sensor modules.

4. Several sensor modules may be arranged in a tree structure. Each module has its parent sensor module (router), except at most a parent which is called coordinator of the entire tree structure.

5. In case of requirement to ensure the transmission of data to the server in case of failure of one (or more) of sensor modules or routers (see point 4), the individual modules (sensor and routers) are connected in mesh network, “communicate with each other.” The central module is the coordinator.




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