Windows 10 IoT Enterprise

Windows 10 IoT Enterprise

Embedded Windows 10 IoT Enterprise is operating system which includes the Embedded Enabling Features such as Unified Write Filter, Embedded Boot Experience and log-on, Shell Launcher, and more.

Lifecycle includes 5 years of general support + 5 years of extended support = 10 years, until 2025. We also offer localized versions.

Windows 10

Embedded Windows 10 IoT Enterprise is hardware-based on 32 and 64-bit x86 chipsets. We not only design and development of the operating system but also to verify the correctness and completeness of installed software technologies for a given application and deploy final system on the target medium (USB, SD, CF et al.). We also offer support for non-standard interfaces and devices.

Besides using Embedded Enabling Features we can customize the operating system itself. For example, we can remove technologies associated with Internet Explorer, technologies related to Media Features, eventually we can include virtualization technology. We can modify many others technologies like Power Shell, SMB, RAS, RIP, etc.

Example of Board Windows 10 IoT Enterprise Embedded Applications.




Do you want to use the embedded operating system Windows 10 IoT ?  Or to add input or output lines ?

Tell us what hardware you want to use and what software technology to be applied.


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