Serial LCD Displays

LCD Display Connected by Serial Line

to any  Technology Microcomputer by DIS Control Board allows to display basically any graphics objects.

Standard Control Program on DIS Control Board transfers a graphics file from SD Card to the LCD display on command of Technology Microcomputer. It provides not only the Buttons that can simulate Commands of Technology Microcomputer during development phase but also audio output.


LCD Display

DIS Control Board



  • Size 4.3“
  • Dots 480 x 272
  • Driver IC FT801
  • Dimension 106mm x 67mm x 8,5mm
  • Projected Capacitive Touch Panel
    (version -TS)
    • Dimension 105mm x 66mm x 18mm
    • LCD connected by a flat Cable (typ. 15cm)
    • Graphics Images on SD card
    • Audio Output
    • Low Power Consumption CPU
    • Signal LEDs, Buttons
    • Serial Line (RX, TX) to a Technology Microcomputer



  • Size 5“
  • Dots 800 x 480
  • Driver IC FT813
  • Dimension 121mm x 76mm x 9mm
  • Projected Capacitive Touch Panel
    (version -TS)

Advanced Program of DIS Control Board allows to display basically any graphics objects, texts a symbols and direct programming of Driver IS. Audio output can play audio sequences.

Advanced Programs in LCD-DIS5 Set simplifies the system architecture for advanced human machine interfaces (HMIs) by providing functionality for display, audio, and touch as well as an object oriented architecture approach that extends from display creation to the rendering of the graphics. It supports playback of motion-JPEG encoded AVI videos and Screen rotation control. Allows normal/mirrored/inverted for landscape or portrait orientation.

Advanced Programs is being developed on demand, only.

The Sheet of LCD-DIS Set.