HW & SW Development

Design and Development of hardware and software at embedded applications

is carried out with regard to the mutual interaction of all components. The interaction of hardware and software is the bigger, more compact the embedded microcomputer is, the lower the consumption to be achieved, the longer the “life time” is required, the tangled is the communication, security and so on. In almost 25 years of existence of the company we have developed dozens of different microprocessors and system solutions, for example:

  • Applications of miniature PC compatible modules the size of credit cards
  • Microcomputer with radiation resistance for applications in space
  • Microcomputer to torpedo control and measurement of sea water pollution
  • LCD panels with built-in Windows Embedded and Linux Operating Systems
  • Ultra low power consumption microcomputer recording the changes in its configuration regardless of the method of power supply
  • “normal” controllers for dozens of industrial applications, from sewage plants to production lines for the automotive industry

At the latest Internet of Things our experience in the design of small, compact and low-power mikropočítačl meet along with experience in programming embedded microcontrollers, system programming and programming, communications, security, and network applications.

We make customized embedded operating systems Embedded Windows 10 IoT (Enterprise, Core) and Applications for Android, Windows Phone and pure software above on silicon.


More informations about our older projects including Windows XP Embedded, Embedded Windows 8 Standard and more can be found here.





Are you thinking about the realization of microcomputers for your applications?

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